Tips To Last Your Manicure Longer


Creating an art on your nails is a big task and maintaining your hard work mani art for longer period is again a tough job, since our nails get in contact with water and other things in our daily routine. So ever wondered what can we do to last our beautifully done mani longer?? Well do not think so much, here are some simple tips which work great to last your favorite mani for longer period.

Clean Nails

Make sure your nails are clean enough before applying nail varnish. It is very important that your nails are washed properly and dried completely so that no residue of your previous nail varnish or any oil, dust, or water is left over on your nails.

Wipe with Vinegar

After removing your old nail polish and washing your nails cleanly, rub your nails with cotton ball damped with little bit of vinegar. Vinegar will help removing of any residue of nail polish remover and also moisturizes your nails. This will also prevent from forming of bubbles when applying nail polish and helps your polish flow better.

Rub with Cotton Ball

Finally take a clean cotton ball and rub and wipe out your nails and see the resulting clean nails. Now you can start your nail art and keep it for longer days.

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