Hello Gossipwell’s Readers!!

I am the founder of Gossipwell, who try, test and work to build this blog along with my friends who contribute on this blog. I am simple living, and passionate about food. I am Beautyholic, ocean lover, junk foodie who loves to eat pizza all the time, my favorite cuisine is Italian and Chinese. I have a computer engineering degree and soon after graduation i got married.

How we started blog-Gossipwell

My hubby is a big fan of home remedies, he is the one who inspired me to try out home remedies. From the day i started experimenting things, i always made a note on what worked and what didn’t, hence i landed up blogging, the place i wrote home remedies for beauty related problems to share my experience which i tried personally. Since women gossip on almost any matter with friends, hence decided our blog name as Gossipwell. When i am bored of blogging, I love to try DIY’s , crocheting and home decor.

What’s Gossipwell all about??

We often blindly buy so called ‘magic potions’ for our skin/hair problems and spend our hard earned money on them, but instead of spending time and money on chemicals, one should peep into pantry to find out those miracle ingredients found on almost any kitchen. Homemade remedies don’t really have any side effects unlike those expensive chemical products, so give it a try and see the results for yourself. Read some of the most popular home remedies here!!

On Gossipwell you will find home remedies for skin,hair,nail and some random posts. You can also read some reviews of products which we used. Click here to read some reviews. Do come back and visit for more remedies on beauty related problems.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries related with our posts, we would love to reply you as soon as possible.

Email us @:    admin@gossipwell.com

Twitter:            @AmyyBlue2013

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Happy Gossiping!!!


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