Philips SalonStraight Active Ion Straightener HP8315 Review

As you all (Readers) know that I own Solia ceramic Flat Iron but I messed it up. It was my mistake of connecting my Solia Iron to high volts current which made it never wake up again I mean it stopped working. I really loved it 😦 but mistakes happen and I moved on.. Now it was time for a new flat-iron but this time I was tight on budget and was looking for cheaper flat-iron which I can afford. After researching in internet I made my mind to go and buy Philips SalonStraight Active Ion straightener HP8315 which was affordable and looked pretty good. So I ordered one and got it.  

The packaging was good. My straightener was in box along with user manual and warranty slip. Unlike Solia I didn’t get a heat proof pouch which is very useful but it was not a big deal because I already had it and I can use it for new Iron.


Philips HP8315 Straightener

Philips HP8315 looks really pretty with purple design in black background color which I liked the most. Unlike Solia which disappointed me as it looked as a recycled product, Philips looked brand new.

Pretty Purple Design

Pretty Purple Design

Compared to Solia it has extra wider plates which uses less time to straight your hair, straightening is really fast with wide plates and has lock/unlock appliance slide which helps to lock your flat-iron plates when not in use. Since Philips HP8315 has Ion conditioning, it activates ions in plates and gives way better shine to your hair than Solia. You can hear the sizzling noise of ions getting activated while using. 

Lock/Unlock Slide

Lock/Unlock Slide

Philips flat-iron takes around 20-30 secs to heat up, it has light indicator to show its working and on, but it does not show its heated up and ready to use. It heats up to 210C (410F) and has no temperature settings so you should be very careful while using it as it may burn your hair if you hold on your hair for longer time. It has long cord so easy to handle and also has hanging loop so that you can hang it.

Hanging Loop

Hanging Loop

The main reason I purchased Philips was it came with universal voltage since my last flat-iron shut off due to supply of high voltage which I didn’t notice. I think Philips HP8315 would make a best buy for someone looking for cheaper yet affective flat-iron. You can also register your Philips appliance in .


  • Gives extra shine and conditions hair.
  • Straightened hair stays for 2 days.
  • Heats up really fast.
  • Automatic shut off after 60 minutes.
  • Swivel cord prevents from tangling of wire.
  • Universal voltage can use anywhere in world.
  • Convenient storage option lock/unlock plates.
  • Extra wider plates helps reduce time taken to straighten hair.
  • Worth for the price and affordable.
  • Straightens hair quickly.
  • Stands to each and every points it claims.
  • Has nice attractive design.
  • Straightens any type of hair.


  • No temperature settings and need extra attention while using.
  • No indicator to know Iron is ready to use or not.
  • Wide plates end with big flicks and curls if trying to use it to curl you hair.
    Image Source- Gossipwell Images

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