Fusion Worked Great


Indian Traditional Purse ‘n’ Sandals

Fusion- Mix, Match and Wear, is what the innovation which everyone do to show world their fashion statement. Well last year when i was coming to U.S i shopped tons of things in India to fill up my wardrobe, and even my mom and sister gave me some gifts and those are here in the photos, the bright maroon color purse which was fully decorated with embroidery work and a pair of cool sandals with tread and mirror work.



At first i was feeling awkward to wear them here in U.S, but they were so light and comfortable that i started wearing them with my belly pants whenever i use to go on a walk. And then i was shocked!!! So many people in my apartment liked them and complimented me that suddenly i started loving them and started wearing them along with jeans. Whenever i wore them at least two around me use to like them.


And this purse goes perfectly well along with my sandals, they make a perfect casual look and i love them. Thanks to my mom and sister for filling up my wardrobe with these pretty things 🙂


Hope in future i will get good results like this whenever i mix match and wear- Fusion!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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