How To Treat Greasy/Oily Hair

Greasy hair is a hair condition which is one of four types of hair conditioning- normal, greasy, dry and greasy dry. It is caused by excess build-up of secretion called sebum from the sebaceous glands in the scalp by the continuous development of natural grease. Greasy hair can look dull and lifeless and may result in sever hair fall so treating it at right time is important. People with this type of hair find difficulties to keep a hair style. People with fine, wavy hair are more prone to greasy hair than with course, curly hair. Hormonal changes is also linked to the development of oily/greasy hair.


GreasyOily Hair

  • Irregular and inconsistent hair cleansing is most common which holds toxins and dirt, result in formation of greasy hair.
  • Use of unsuitable hair products like deep conditioners, shampoo etc leads to greasy hair.
  • Excessive carbohydrate, fat and starch consumption can increase developing greasy hair.
  • Regular use of hair straighteners and curling irons.
  • Frequent brushing hair which stimulate your scalp/roots which results in rapid flow of oil from roots to strands making it greasy.

Tips On How To Treat

  1. Wash hair frequently to remove dirt, oil/grease and toxins, but do not wash daily instead alternate day work great.
  2. While conditioning use little conditioner and make sure you rinse all the conditioner out.
  3. Avoid touching or brushing your hair as much as possible instead brush only when needed.
  4. Wash hair with warm water and end up washing with cold water to close hair pores.
  5. Avoid using blow driers and hair straightener as much as possible. Do not use them regularly. Air dry is best for all hair types and will not damage hair.
  6. If hair is more greasy then use conditioner only to lower half of your hair and leave your roots conditioner free.
  7. Use hydrating shampoo.
  8. Use mixture of vinegar and water in the ratio 1:10 as a final rinse while rinsing your hair.
  9. Clay Hair masks work great for greasy hair so go for it at least once a month.
  10. Look for the hair products which suits your hair type and those specially made for oily/greasy hair with neutral pH.
  11. If your hair looks oily at top and dry at ends then apply leave-in conditioner to ends.
  12. Give maximum time intervals between hair treatments such as hair dyes, highlights, perms etc.
  13. If you want to remove extra oil from your scalp then leave the shampoo for longer time to absorb the oil and then rinse.
  14. For a quick fix on greasy hair when you need to go out and cannot wash hair, apply little bit of talc/baby powder to scalp and gently brush hair. This will absorbs oil and help to look better. Use this method only in emergency as talc/powder may contain some harmful chemicals which may harm your hair.

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